February 8, 2008

Going With the Flow

I love that my work keeps the sudden and unexpected orbiting around me and popping into my inbox all the time. In the past few weeks I've heard things like this:

"Hey, want to write two pieces about flowers?"

"Hey, want to edit some video?"

"Hey, want to write a couple of things about casino gaming technology?"

"Hey, want to write greeting cards*?"

Yes. Yes, I do. Thank you!

*The ten year old girl who will always live inside me can't believe people get paid for this and is on the verge of a Jolt Cola, Twizzler, and Hallmark Store sticker binge at this very moment.


Chancelucky said...

You're in demand and deservedly so. What a great feeling!

Dale said...

I would only want to write the crazy greeting cards like the one my sister gave me. A lovely wheat field pictured and then on the inside: You. You're so low you'd bring me a dead rat in your teeth if you thought there was twenty bucks in it for you. The card was mixed in with a bunch of regular all occasion cards. I treasured it, until I lost it.

Your talent is far reaching and in demand. First pickle and cream cheese sandwiches and then, the world!