February 11, 2008

Short Comedy Film 1 of 12

Hop on over to the Bucket of Nerds blog for the first of our planned twelve short comedy films. We shot this yesterday in about 90 minutes and then I spent a few hours downloading the footage, editing it, and writing the music. (After a night out celebrating my boyfriend's birthday...and organizing a writing workshop for fellow comedy writers...followed by an evening with stand-up friends at Schubas...yes, I'm tired.)

It's called "Breakfast With Teresa," and it's 3.5 minutes with another 1 minute of bloopers. Teresa has her own in-house morning chat show but doesn't seem realize no one is watching, and isn't willing to be too flexible on the rules, even when Elizabeth is too scared to report live from the basement. Nellie suggests that they get around Teresa's iron fist by playing with time traveling text messages and sketch editing in the future. Guest appearance by Morgan Freeman. Sort of.

(Bonus points if you can catch the scene where a highlighted script is in plain sight. Ha!)

I am so thrilled that actors opened their mouths and my words came out. Nerdy words like "Would you please stop crapping on the boundary between magical realism and science fiction?" (Thank you, Teresa.)

I learned a lot. I already know things I'll do differently next time and I feel even surer now that I should be behind the camera more than in front of it, so maybe we'll experiment with inviting guest stars to play with us on our Sunday afternoon comedy jaunts.

Finding friends to play with shouldn't be tough - lots of people have put their name in the hat for future efforts, and my increasingly awesome boyfriend has organized a stand-up comics' weekly writing workshop (a feat in itself), and at our first gathering this weekend, there was more indication that roping more fun friends into this project won't be a challenge.

So go watch my first short comedy film! And please share opinions. We're putting it out there and we want to get better, so be honest (but gentle).

P.S. I'm not too proud a geek to admit that I hope people will notice that the music I wrote for the end of the clip is a remixed, sped up, Latin disco version of the opening clip.


Chancelucky said...

fun stuff, makes me thing Wayne and Garth with females and no guitars.

Nellie Ann said...

oh...we can GET guitars!!!

Comedian said...

I've seen a bunch of comedy videos and this one is very funny and strange and playful. I like it that you aren't like serious comedians.

It's like kids playing, but better planned.