February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chicago Comedians!

Last night's birthday party for Bryan and Nellie was a smashing success. Sloan was kind enough to loan us her house and I tried to be a proper hostess, facilitating introductions and making the rounds with ghetto pizza - cheap Jewel pizza cut and served on top of the box it came in. Nellie's mom made a bajillion cupcakes - the kind baked into ice cream cones - and of course there was lots of beer. Basically it's just like producing a comedy show, except without an actual show.

It was an interesting combination of my friends, Bryan's friends, Nellie's friends, Sloan's friends, and her roommate Erik's friends. It looked like several romantic connections were made, or at least, there was making out, long involved conversations, and bumping and grinding on the dance floor - between people who had just met an hour or two before.

Nobody got sick or too crazy but, as hostess, I'll feel good knowing that at least a few people did things they're embarrassed about today. Me, I'm ashamed of my uncontrolled cupcake intake. It was nothing but flying fists and fudgy frosting, and I'm paying the price today.

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Nellie Ann said...

oh man. i'm totally spent the better part of today embarrassed and trying to piece together the puzzle that is my scattered memory of last night.

a general note to anyone i may have accidentally offended/frightened/put off/mortified/hit on/drunk dialed last night:

i'm really sorry. thank you for coming to my party.