February 20, 2008

More Good PR For Chicago Comedy

Dan and I entertained a Chicago Tribune reporter and photographer last night at ChUC. The writer, Glenn Jeffers, is doing a story about the increasingly reputable stand-up scene in Chicago, the effect of breakout stars like some of the Blerds, the exodus cycle (we seem to be at the end of one right now), and so on. He also brought a photographer who, it turns out, went to high school with Dan. Glenn chatted with Jared Logan and Fay Canale at length after interviewing me and Dan and I saw him chatting with K-Rock, the walking human encyclopedia of Chicago comedy, on my way out the door. He seemed really interested in his subject matter, and we also pointed him in the direction of the Lincoln Lodge and the Edge Comedy shows, so I'm sure the article will be awesome.


Nellie Ann said...

Hey, that's awesome!

Listen, you didn't happen to mention your friend who is a fellow writer and an improv whore and a decent voice over artist and who will be baking and cooking for you in the near future, did you?? No? Eh.

Well, congratulations anyhow.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I did. And because reporters are like magical fairies, and the slightest mention of a person in the press means INSTANT fame, this one waved his wand and conjured you up a contract with Saturday Night Live. Don't miss that private jet that's going to pick you up at 7:30!

Nellie Ann said...

I knew it!! I keep telling them to STOP CALLING, already! I don't care if Tina Fey wants a meeting - no means NO. Jesus, can't they see I'm busy with other important and fancy things?!?!

K-Rock said...

glenn reminded me during our conversation that yes, he and i had gotten drunk together after a show once, YEARS ago. it's all a haze, of course. sufficed to say, we got down and dirty w/ some gossip chit-chat, and promised to hang soon. :-)

you coming out to the Lodge this Friday? i'm reserving a table for all of us!

MicroFiber Militia said...

We're (I'm) familiar with the random mentioning in the press equals instant fame.

Actually, it worked for us (me) by a BLOG mentioning!

Put some stuff up that we (I) think you'll like. Especially the hat on Michigan and the flowers.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

K-rock, I knew Glenn would find you an invaluable resource on his topic.I would love to come see TJ at the Lodge, I e-mailed him and reminded him he can crash ChUC whenever he's in town on a Tuesday, not sure what I'm doing tonight, though.

Also, anonymous MicroFiber Militia person who may or may not have graced my boyfriend and Nellie's party last weekend, I maintain that your project is awesome enough that it was just a matter of time before you started getting some attention for your brilliance. Like this kind of thing.

Dan Telfer said...

I've been wondering, too... is there going to be a comedy section now? Because there's hardly any comedy in the Trib and I don't even know where to look for the article.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I don't know what the Trib's comedy beat is like.

I set up a Google news alert that should tell me whenever the story gets printed, or rather, goes online.