March 31, 2008

Don't Spit the Water Photo Post

The three lovely contestants. The curly haired girl was enjoying her bachelorette party, and her friends were whooping it up all the way through.

Somehow I managed to catch a real-live spit! It's coming from the contestant, not from Bryan. I believe it was Nigel Knickers who inspired her to spew.

This girl stuck around for Blewtenanny afterwards and was a key part of the fun. Bryan talked to her and her friends between shows and they are all army buddies, so I say, drink, laugh, and be merry, soldiers!

The final showdown! Miss Blondie gave it up early, making Miss Curly Hair the triumphant winner (although she left her gift certificate prize behind somehow). Tammy Connors' "Madame Ovary," the '70's sex ed teacher, was a scream. How can you keep a straight face with a talking vagina puppet in your face?

Kristen Studard's "a cat" character must be seen to be believed. She is very persistent and would like for you to hold her bowl of cream while she dunks her entire mouth and nose into it, please. And yes, she coughs up hairballs and has a little kitty poop chute. Why wouldn't she?

All photos from Bryan's camera, on my Flickr account.

Go see Don't Spit the Water Saturday nights at the Playground Theater!

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Jenny said...

Hahaha, sounds so much fun. :)