March 31, 2008

A Blewt Whirlyball Bonanza

It's a busy morning. I have lots of deadlines for work, and people from NBC and this comedy festival and that comedy festival keep calling, wanting to pick my brain about Chicago comedy. That's flattering, but dang, kids, Bella's got to pay the bills, too.

How about a couple of photo posts?

(P.S. I edited the Bonnie Hunt post to feature the picture of her and my brother with his face un-fuzzed.)

First, Whirlyball photos from Friday night. It's pretty amazing to watch a dozen fully grown people chase a little ball in little electric carts, screaming and trash-talking like there's a championship title at stake.

It's a Blewt throwdown! Big Dummy (with the hat) and Timekeeper Willis (brown t-shirt) face off in ridiculous little lawnmower-looking things.

Bryan tries to master the steering stick and the ball-chucking thing at the same time. He hit the wall a few times, which was enough to convince me not to play.

Tyler plays for real. He was blocking and passing with ferocity.

Bryan was very happy and tired when the last game was over, but there was still enough group enthusiasm for a round of laser tag.

All photos from Bryan's camera, on my Flickr account.

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