March 1, 2008

Moving In, Moving On, Moving Up

I am blogging for the first time in my new place. Nellie and I went to Jewel and she put together a sweet spread for us, documented with a MacBook Photo Booth snap, sealed with a stagey handshake (at left). Our new apartment is huge and gorgeous, and I can't wait to be totally settled here. I rented a U-Haul for the weekend after next, and thank goodness. My studio is feeling more cramped and depressing by the day. Did I mention it's cramped and depressing? And it only has one window? Because it is, and it does.

Bryan made a Butterfinger commercial the other day. They liked him so much they invited him back to do another one. (That's him at left in the green shirt, next to his 21-year old "girlfriend," feigning anger that his "roommate" and his "sister" are making out.) The next one will also feature Dan Polydoris, who's one of my cast members at ChUC and one of my favorite comedy boys. Bryan will play a hotel patron who repays his hungry bellboy (Polydoris) with a mouthful of pre-chewed Butterfinger. Ew.

Also, he's growing a mustache for a charity, 826CHI, which offers free writing support to Chicago schoolkids. (There are some netizens who think the whole thing is terribly sexist, by the way. They're incorrect.) I've never known him without a full beard and mustache, so it was a little shock to see him clean-shaven. He looks younger, and, as far as I'm concerned, is adorable with or without the scruff, but I still donated $25 for him to grow the 'stache back.

What else? I made a donation to Barack Obama's campaign today. I have been a big supporter of his for several years, since I first began reading about him. I never thought I would say this about a politician before, but he inspires me and makes me feel hopeful about my country's future.

Obama '08!


Bryan Bowden said...

Thanks for supporting my acting, my mustache, and my presidential candidate.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

You're welcome. Now go to sleep.

Nellie Ann said...

Thanks for supporting my presidential candidate, my cheese consumption and my need for internet connections.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Nellie, I am behind Obama, your choice of cheese, and your internet dependency. I'll pull that lever anytime!

Jerell said...

Everything smooth sailing for Obama. I just wish he would stop dancing on Ellen. It's weird seeing a tall man dance.