April 10, 2008

"Jared Logan Unlimited"

I am a very proud producer. Tuesday's Chicago Underground Comedy show was so good I can't even describe it. "Jared Logan Unlimited" packed the house with a bigger and more enthusiastic crowd than we've ever had, and all our comedians rocked.

I've been editing like mad. Clips from the show, should you want to watch: Carrie Callahan (host), and features Chad Briggs and Adam Burke.

And the must-watch clip, the superstar himself, soon taking off for New York to find his well-deserved success and glory, the electric and brilliant Jared Logan. Watch even three minutes of this clip and tell me you don't think he's going to be famous in about two years. Yay Jared!


Nellie Ann said...


I'll be so happy when I can finally COME to the show!!!!

Melissa said...

Jared. Rocks.

Luke said...

Melissa's showed me some of this guy's stuff before and you're right, he's damn good.