May 18, 2008

Nellie at Second City

Nellie had her first show at Second City today. She has been nervous for weeks and was petrified until the moment she hit the stage, at which point magical sparkles emanated from the top of her head and everyone laughed. We missed the performance debut of Teresa, who is in Thailand, but the show was still lots of fun.

To cope with the loss of our roommate, we've put a Teresa wig on a stuffed scarecrow, propped it up on her bed, and jammed a flute into it's splintery fingers. Every time we come in the front door, we greet Scarecrow Teresa, and she happily waves hello.

More pictures to come.

Edit: pictures here. Video here.


Teresa said...

I'd hate to see what the "Teresa" wig looks like...I hope it's long and flowing. You have no idea how much I wanted to participate in the show, but missing Nellie's debut performance makes me even more melancholy. I hope the happy sparks didn't mess up her hair. Now, go feed Teresa. She's hungry, which is a good sign she does no thave malaria.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Our little stuffed Teresa is not quite as musical as the real you, Teresa. We'll satisfy ourselves knowing that you're entertaining birds across Southeast Asia.