May 6, 2008

This Week's Don't Spit The Water's Winner Is...NELLIE!

I dragged Nellie and Teresa to Bryan's show Don't Spit the Water Saturday night, and guess who ended up being a contestant and winning the whole she-bang? Our favorite baby nanny, the bodacious and loquacious Nellie Bells!

There she is at left, sandwiched between Bryan's Blewt-themed timekeeping clock and a thumbs-upping Sasha.

Nellie is officially full-on in Chicago now. She rides her bike to work every day like the urban hipster she's rapidly evolving into, and got a schmancy new hairdo and everything.


Nellie Ann said...

I win!! I'm famous!!!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Girl, YES!

Steev said...

Hooray for Nellie! A winner is you!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

But I'm keeping the grand prize pickle.

Maybe we can put it in our next batch of egg salad, Nells!

Nellie Ann said...

keep your sour sis out of my egg salad! that thing is what evil tastes like. if evil were really, really, other-worldly sour.