May 6, 2008

Westward-Moving Young Woman, Last Seen in North Chicago Area

Remember me talking about my darling niece Melissa's westward trek toward Los Angeles? Well, it turns out she's adjusted her trajectory a bit and is going to end up in San Francisco around August instead.

Yes, selfishly, I am still a little bit distressed, since Melissa has been my BFF since I moved to Chicago. She helped me settle in, and was there to prod and poke and support me in my biggest moments. We shot silly sketches together. She filmed my Second City show. She helped me sell my stage fright and was there for my first open mic and my first real showcase. We jaunted to Garfield Park Conservatory, wrote terrible music together, took Wisconsin vacations, and she helped me promote Chicago Underground Comedy with her video skills.

But I know it's time for her to spread her wings, and I know she'll find success and happiness in San Francisco. I encourage you to check in with her Destination San Fran blog, which shows off both her visual design skills and her poignant wit. She shows her stripes as a Montessori kid every day of her life, by teaching herself more and more software, more design skills, and more ways to express her boundless creativity.


Melissa said...

I actually got a little teary eyed reading this :(

And yes, I'm PMS-ing, but that has nothing to do with it.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Sweet baby niece.

Arianne said...

Does this mean that you might be coming to visit your neice soon?

Anyway, if we can help with anything as she makes her way out here, let me know.