June 16, 2008

Me in Print, Me in Other Prints...Weekend Wrapup

Did you know that "Moderation and consistency are the keys to improving your health"? I mention this (not exactly groundbreaking) article because, yes, I wrote it.

Teresa came home! Thailand kept her for much too long.

The weekend was busy. I saw tons of comedy shows, most of them starring my boyfriend. At a show Friday night I had the distinct pleasure of watching people portraying ME. Or, rather, someone portraying me as portrayed by someone else in the group. (There was a joke about a false sighting of Queen Elizabeth, and then someone mentioned me, and then...whatever. It's improv. I don't always get it.)

I got lots of good bike riding in. Saturday Bryan and I slathered ourselves in SPF 65 and rode the lakeside trail to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Bryan took a ton of beautiful pictures. I love looking at the animals but it makes me sad to see the larger ones, the predators, so clearly depressed in their artificial environment.

Last night five of us went to the improv jam at Second City. Tammy and I rode our bikes, and beat the people who chose to ride the bus (Nellie, Keith, and Rebecca) by a few minutes on the way there, and over twenty minutes on the way back home. Take that, CTA! I joined everyone at home for some snackage, then hopped back on my bike for a round trip to Schubas, where I shared dinner with Bryan but didn't feel up for actually watching the stand-up show. Rode home, fell into bed, slept like a rock.

This morning I woke up to an interview request from Time Out Chicago (which recently featured Carrie in the Jokeworthy section!), about an upcoming story about women in the Chicago stand-up scene and what people are doing to bridge the gap for women in a predominantly male scene. Apparently, I'm the only female stand-up producer in Chicago. I'm an anomaly. Or am I a token? A figurehead? No, I would know if I was a puppet of the patriarchy, right? Well, I'd better go bake 500 cupcakes for Tuesday's show.


Carrie said...

Ahahahahaha. I'll help with the cupcakes.

Melissa said...

You can be my token auntie any day.

Just sayin'.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Carrie - someone brought cupcakes (baked into ice cream cones) to Blewtenanny and they were most appreciated. Reminded me of the Spectacular Shows.

Thanks, Mo!

Dan Telfer said...

Congrats!! That's awesome.

Mob said...

Sounds like things are going amazingly well for you, congrats!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks, Dan! I was sure to mention that some male producers -- I may have mentioned your name -- are fairly competent as well. (Ha ha.)

Thanks, Mob! Nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well also.

Dan Telfer said...

I am an incredibly incompetent producer who relies on you to make me look good. For the record.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Ha ha. That's hardly plausible, Mr. Telfer. Everyone knows all I can do is plonk lollipops on tables and point a camera vaguely in the direction of activity. There's never even any tape in the videocamera!