June 12, 2008

Timekeeper Bryan and the Imposter Dan Telfer

Bryan and Paul hosted Talkin' Funny Tuesday night, starring Paul as himself but with Bryan in character as Timekeeper Willis (albeit in shorts instead of his usual jeans). The scheduled guest was Dan Telfer, who ended up not being able to get to the studio, as hoped, but instead did his interview by phone...after a prank caller pretended to be him for ten minutes. Also, Bryan's weightlifting has been paying off, woo woo! Look at those puppy huggers. (That's what I say instead of "guns." I know. Dumb.) Once they got the pranker out of the way, Dan plugged ChUC and all was well.


Dan Telfer said...

Unfortunately I also plugged the price, which I didn't realize was a no-no. I thought when they tried to stop me from saying it that it was some kind of bit from earlier in the show.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Yes, apparently there's a rule about not talking about money. Way to go, capitalist pig!