June 12, 2008

Sarah Haskins Interview

I just put up an interview on the Bastion with Chicago-comedian-in-L.A. Sarah Haskins. Everyone here loves her and she's doing these videos making fun of the way products are targeted to women that are getting her a lot of buzz. I think she needs a slot on the Daily Show!

From the interview:

Yes, I’m a feminist. It is an extension of my lifelong war against pantyhose.

Who are your favorite comedians? Are there any you saw when you were young that made a strong impression on you? Who today makes you laugh out loud?

The Office(s). Eddie Izzard. All British people. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Mike Nichols and Elaine May’s sketches. Amy Poehler. Paul Rudd. The movie "Noises Off."

Young? Sesame Street. I still love the Muppets. And the Muppet movies. And the way Muppets walk. I would read Erma Bombeck at my Grandma’s during the summers and thought it was so funny. Calvin and Hobbes. 'The Love Guru' is going to ruin this answer, but I loved Mike Myers.

Last thing I saw that made me laugh really hard was Hot Fuzz. And McSweeneys Joke Book of Book Jokes. It’s hysterical. Fun for nerds!

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Jerell said...

Anyone who enjoys the Muppets are my BFF.