September 17, 2008

Renee Gauthier @ Angel's Farewell Show @ Lincoln Lodge

This is the last of the set clips from Angel's Farewell Show at the Lodge three weeks ago. (Jason Fever and Ricky Carmona's clips are also awesome.) Best parts of the clip - Nellie and Bryan's laugh (Bryan was sitting right next to me taking pictures, Nellie was across the room, ha ha).

Renee Gauthier moved to Los Angeles about a year ago and has been doing really great things. She flew back home to Chicago especially for Angel's show. To recap, Chicago stand-up superfan Angelica Busque, still just a twentysomething, has been dealing with the effects of lupus for a long time, and after years of living independently in Chicago, needs to go home to Michigan for awhile to take care of herself. It sucks, frankly, that she can't stay here with us, but we are all Facebooking and Gchatting our faces off to keep her up to date on things. Love you, Angel! And love you, Renee.


Nellie Ann said...

Renee = high-larious

My laugh = mildly annoying

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Your laugh = lovely like summer rain into a rusted bucket (that's a nice sound).