May 28, 2005

Dozens of Dry-Heaving Reasons I'll Never Take a Cruise

My Grandma loves cruises. She's taken my mom and my aunt on several, to Alaska, which looked breathtaking in photos, and the Caribbean, where I've never been and would love to visit. Grandma has even invited/bribed me to take one with her, which I might consider, but then headlines like this keep popping up:

Vomiting Virus Hits Cruise Ship.

80% of passengers on a Mediterranean cruise were sickened by an intense 24 hour virus which kept them nauseated and vomiting, and, by request, confined to their cabins. As if people doubled over with the pukes would feel much like sashaying down the lido deck in search of the next buffet.

The company has said that passengers who had been forced to isolate themselves would be conpensated.

Hopefully not with a voucher for a free vomit, I mean voyage, down the Danube.

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