September 1, 2005

Army Vet Gets 'Bomber' Credit Card Offer

Someone in customer service needs some sensitivity training.

In Corona, California: The address was his, but the name on the credit-card offer took Sami Habbas by surprise: "Palestinian Bomber."

"I thought it was a joke or something," said Habbas, 54, a Palestinian American who served in the U.S. Army. Habbas opened the letter, and the salutation read "Dear Palestinian Bomber."

When he called the company, JPMorgan Chase & Co., provided his ZIP code and invitation number, two operators said to him: "Yes, Mr. Bomber, what can we do for you?"

"It's very upsetting," Habbas said. "I'm not what they are saying, a Palestinian bomber. That's uncalled for. I have a name. My name is Sami Habbas."

Also, in Chicago: LaChania Govan said she got bounced around by her cable company when she called to complain. She made dozens of calls and was even transferred to a person who spoke Spanish _ a language she doesn't understand.

But when she got her August bill from Comcast she had no trouble understanding she'd made somebody mad. It was addressed to "Bitch Dog."

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Creditworthy said...

It is out of common sense and professional ethics. Consumer oriented companies should care of being correct and delicate when dealing with people. If they are looking for new consumers, of course.