April 22, 2006

Robot Chicken, Part II, Synchonicity Boogaloo

(I know, the "_____ Part II: Electric Boogaloo" joke has been done to death. I still like it. Sue me.)

Seth_green_and_matt_senreich_1Last weekend, 'round about the time I was blogging about analyzing the story structure of Seth Green's magnificent "Robot Chicken," a friend of mine met Seth Green in Las Vegas. My friend acted as my proxy and approached Seth to say "Hey, man, I wanted you to know I love Robot Chicken." And Seth said "Thanks." And then my friend tried to make out with Seth Green. Okay, that part's not true. My friend is quite a sturdy fella, and Seth Green is a tiny cutie, and that would have been very weird. But that's what I would have done if I had been there.

Chicken" Season One, Disk Two just arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and
I'd be all over it right now, but for my Mama visiting for the weekend.
(Something tells me she wouldn't share my enthusiasm for Nostalgic
Action Figure Theatre.)

Also, in imaginative animation news, I'm also enjoying a bit of "Rex the Runt,"
thanks to the recommendation of another friend. Or, as I kept
mistakenly calling it, "Runt Rocket." Every time this friend and I sit
down and brainstorm about creative projects we'd like to start
together, we always end up taking about claymation,
which is about the most labor-intensive thing you can do. She and a
friend did a little two-minute claymation project once, and it took
hours and hours and hours to make all the minute changes to create the

Reminds me of the little bits at the end of "Moral Orel," which are little Orel's own stop-motion projects, and very funny. Hey, if a puppet can do stop-motion, why couldn't I?

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