April 21, 2006

You Broke Your Little Ships

OMG, they're making a new Star Trek movie set for release in 2008! From Reuters:

The as-yet-untitled "Star Trek" feature, the 11th since
1979, is aiming for a fall 2008 release through Paramount
Pictures, the Viacom Inc. unit looking to restore its
box-office luster under new management, the trade paper said


Does it seem like William Shatner (L, of course, with Leonard Nimoy) is starting to look like a smug tortoise?

Also, in the spirit of random fun, some random kid playing both Patrick Stewart and Alfre Woodard's parts in the "Captain Picard Freaks Out Over Borg Trauma" scene from "Star Trek:First Contact," which, yes, I have seen a kajillion times.(From a link from the Onion.)

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