October 4, 2006

Elsewhere, I Write and Create

Gapers Block and Jargon Chicago have both invited me to contribute to their publications, which is great. I'm not able to follow up with Gapers Block right now, due to time constraints, but it's flattering to have writing invitations coming my way only a few months after beginning to write in any sort of visible way. Before the Bastion launched, my efforts were largely limited to anonymous business writing and amusing myself with blogging here.

(Jargon Chicago is willing to receive intermittent missives, which may be all I can manage for awhile.) Here's my first article in Jargon Chicago, all about the delights of Chicago winter. I wrote it under my real name. There's not much point in pretending anymore, is there?

Also, yesterday I sent in a contribution to a blog about blogs (oh...meta), after being contacted by its editor. That should be up shortly as well. It will be called "Blogging For Fun and Profit (Mostly Fun)".

In other creative news, tonight, Sloan and I will be shooting our first comedy short film together. Besides being very arty-creative, she's also a logistical whiz, and has storyboarded and plotted every shot. I wrote my own part and am expected to improvise a bit as well. This is my first ever attempt at acting, so I hope I don't make a total moron of myself. In my favor are the facts that the film is very short (about three minutes), and that I'm portraying an annoying idiot, and not someone expected to possess any dignity.

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