October 6, 2006

Does "Updated Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday" Have a Nice Ring to It?

It looks like Bella Rossa is going to be a thrice-weekly publication for the foreseeable future. I am dedicating more time to other projects these days, and while I don't plan on discontinuing this blog anytime soon, I do need to be realistic about how much time I can dedicate to it, so for now that's the standard, just FYI. Might be some bonuses here and there, who can tell.Yes, I'm spending time on Bastion stuff, and "other" writing stuff, and job type stuff, and Second City writing class stuff (soon to culminate in a student show), and silly little comedy film projects.

Sloan and I and two friends spent eight hours Wednesday night shooting what will end up being a three minute comedy short. We came up with the basic idea together. She then spent hours and hours mapping out the structure and setting up a set list, and whatever else it is that directors do. (No storyboards, as far as I know, but I've seen some she's done for other projects and they're really cool looking.)

I wrote a lot for my own part ahead of time but also did a lot of improv, which wasn't too tough once I let go of my ego, made peace with making an idiot of myself for the sake of (hopefully) making people laugh, and just let it fly.

Please remember if you watch it that I literally am acting for the very first time in the first scene that you will see. There is no nuance, no effortless awareness of the camera, no, shall we say, clue, or - what's that other thing? Skill. But it was fun. And we have tons of ideas for more.

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