October 11, 2006

Looks, Ma, I'ma Ona Tee Bee!

Last night K-Rock and I went to the CAN-TV studios, where they film shows like The Bible Is True, Covered by the Blood and, of course, Talkin' Funny, starring Sasha and the Noob of Don't Spit the Water. They had invited us Bastion girls to be guests on the show. I politely declined to be on camera, but K-Rock was charming and delightful, plugging her favorite Chicago comedy hotspots.I did my best to keep my ponytail out of the shot and stifle my giggles, and hoped like hell I wouldn't get one of those unpredictable hiccup or sneeze fits that befall me sometimes.

Then the four of us (plus their nice call screener girl) trudged and shuffled around the rolling theater of comedy and drama that is the CTA. We talked about comedy. We talked about Chicago. We talked about a possible Bastion Chicago Comedy Festival (coming soon to a shady venue near you!). The Noob stepped on my foot. It was good times.

Then it was on to Gunther Murphy's (why do I feel like K-Rock when I type stuff like this?), for Chicago Underground Comedy. It was a rather quiet night, as if people were expecting a cold rain we never got, or, more likely, they were all stapled to the couch kicking off the crappy new tv season. But I got to pinch, poke, and otherwise say hello to Andy Ross, Tony Sam, Kumail, the Boosh, and others. We laughed. We cried. It was awesome.

So yeah, here we are on the tube. K-Rock sits down at about 10:30, and is lured into looking off-camera a lot as I fidget.

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