December 2, 2006

Crazy Bunnies and Creativity Online

My essay "All About My Mother" is in the new issue of Estella's Revenge. Lovely editor Heather even included all my silly JPGs of Ferengis, Wentworth Miller, and, yes, my mom (as a toddler).

It would be so great if more people used the internet to prompt participatory creative exchanges across the digital divide. More stuff that's sometimes fun and silly, sometimes profound and poignant.

Stuff like Learning To Love You More. "New assignments! #58 Record the sound that is keeping you awake, #59 Interview someone who has experienced war., #60 Write a press release about an everyday event, #61 Describe your ideal government., and #62 Make an educational public plaque."

Stuff like PostSecret - "A Story of Courage and Understanding and as Told Through Secrets," now a book.

On a side note, the PostSecret postcard about Binkers reminds me of a hilarious story I keep getting more details on every time I hang out with my English friend J., who grew up under the dark shadow of a fifteen pound bunny named Snuffles, who ran free-range through the back garden of his family's home.

Snuffles was an aggressive little herbivore, who would not only terrorize any neighborhood cats unwise enough to wander into his yard, but would also charge and attempt to bite the ankles of any human who dared trespass on his territory.

This psycho-bunny also spent a lot of time, as bunnies do, burrowing through the garden, until it got to the point where every step in the grass led to sinking through to a bunny tunnel, or nearly snapping an ankle in a hole. Also, he managed to live for almost fifteen years. No wonder J. took so much pleasure in the bunny-wrangling scenes in Curse of the Were-Rabbit when we saw it last year.

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