December 2, 2006

Pondering Referrals

Haven't done this in awhile. Let's look at my most recent search engine match referrals, and scratch our collective head in amused puzzlement. In chronological order, starting with the most recent:

quark's mother moogie - Yay. A Star Trek reference. So much for all my cool points.

picture of a man picking his nose - So highbrow.

swaziland reed dance pictures - Have I been there? I don't think so.

Elizabeth McQuern - Hi!

pterodactyl farm comedy - Did I write about this? Someone should. That sounds like comedy gold.

coffee made from lemurs - Don't let Starbucks know about this.

recently-disgraced Harvard - This reminds me. One of my life goals is to someday see my name in newsprint, preceded by the phrase "recently disgraced."

rustbelt memorabilia - that one's for you, Prego!

indoor rocketship playground - I don't know what this is, but I want one.

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