December 1, 2006

The Puppy That Saved Thanksgiving

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty great. It was a lot like last year, except with a few minor cast changes and the introduction of an amazingly powerful puppy, who, with his one mighty pound of flesh, renders even the tallest and strongest men helpless. They devolve into giant piles of quivering jelly, capable only of uttering only the most primitive vocalizations. You can't tell from the picture, but the Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix my niece brought home for a visit is teacup tiny. Itty-bitty. Pocket-sized. Teeny-weeny.

Sloan and I and another friend are working on a crazy and wonderful project together. All I can say about it is that involves an extreme sport, some awesome travel, and a very ambitious creative endeavor. It's very exciting and could mean big things for all of us. Sloan has affected me in many positive ways since I hopped the Indiana/Illinois border. I am leaning more toward the veggie and yoga side of things, for example. I pay more attention to nature. Also, I get geeked out watching stuff like this. And inspired watching stuff like this. (Did you know that Learning To Love You More is a Miranda July project? I just realized that this morning.)

I'm starting to attend meetings of associations for people in communications, and I'm going to need to give some thought to my style. I don't think it would be cool for me to roll up at a networking thing on one of my bikes, in my usual comedy attire of jeans, pink Chuck Taylors, a black top, and a backpack with buttons on it. I'm not saying I'm going to wear heels or anything, but I need to at least carry something resembling an adult woman's purse.

Speaking of communications, Nate has pointed out to me and K-Rock that several online publications, including Radar, seem to now be using the layout we've been using for Bastion articles (like my interview with Eugene Mirman) since the beginning. Which is to say, including more multimedia. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I don't want to call us pioneers, because I hate Conestoga wagons even more than I hate station wagons, but hey.

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Dale said...

Sounds like a busy and inspired period for you too Bella Rossa! Good luck with it all. It looks like I'll be spending some time on Mirana July's websites now. Cool stuff.