March 17, 2007


My stage fright sold! The auction has ended, and I'm calling it a success. In the last ten minutes, there was a little bit of a bidding war - two bidders trying to win in a digital game of "smacky hands," only with dollars. Wow! Also, over 500 people have watched the Chicken video. Thanks to everyone who participated in that project - more gratitude will be detailed here later. And yes, now I've done it - I'll be getting onstage to do stand-up very soon.

My show opened at Second City last night. It was nerve rattling but great - our actors really pulled through for us.

This morning I'm hopping on a plane for the first proper vacation I've had in years. Sunshine, beaches, the whole bit. Sloan and I are going together and plan to take advantage of the new location possibilities to shoot a bunch of dumb two minute comedy shorts while we're there.


Chancelucky said...

good luck wiht the first solo performance. I assume you're going to tell us about it here.

Wow, 102 dollars for stage did the guy want it shipped?

Dale said...

I saw the winning bid the other day. Good going! Ahem, now you're really going to have to do it. Congrats on the show.

Collin said...

Congratulations all around! Have a great vacation!

Bella Rossa said...

Thanks, everyone. Leaving Florida for home tomorrow. Sloan and I shot two new comedy shorts while here...very fun, and hopefully very funny.