August 8, 2007

I Need to Cut Out Carbs

Am I looking a little chubby around the blowhole these days? Tell me the truth.


Anonymous said...

Um, dare I ask you to show us your blowhole?

I can't believe that you'd leave yourself open to such innuendo on porpoise. Maybe it was just a fluke; you were just dolphin' around, and it was too much ex-cetacean for you... If Sloan gives you any grief about it, just Flipper off and show her to the dorsal.


Chancelucky said...

Personally, I thought you looked quite sleek in that photo. I didn't know they had Dolphins in Indiana though. No wonder you moved to a big city with a lake....though not sure how you're dealing with the fresh water thing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, they have Colts in Indiana (surely a Bears fan should remember that); Dolphins are in Miami.

"They call her Bella, Bella,
Funny yet frightening.
No one you see
Is tarter than she.
And we know Bella, Bella,
Lives in a world full of wonder,
Navigating under
Comedy's belly."

(Yeah, I know that the meter and accents don't quite work, but c'mon, it's late...)


Dr. Zaius said...

I love your new blowhole, er, blog template! It looks great!

The Freelance Cynic said...

Maybe cut out the blowhole references instead...

idiotpajamas said...

YOU'RE not looking chubby around the blowhole. ME, on the other hand, I'll admit I've got a fat ass. But in referencing your question, I know I just need to cut out the BEANS.

Yes, I've got a pretty active blowhole, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Flatulence has never failed to get me a good seat on Public Transportation!

Bella Rossa said...

Whoa! The blowhole comment war has been a'stirred!

Apparently there are lots of different ideas about where, on the human body, a blowhole would be located. Some of you have much dirtier minds than I do.

Of course, I was imagining it being on the top of my head, as it is with this finned and flippered Bella.

::cluck cluck::

idiotpajamas said...

yup, I've got a dirty mind.
With me, there is NO question where my blowhole is. Just ask the innocent bystanders after I've devoured a heavily cruciferous meal.

I've also been called a smart-ass, but when that happens, I just agree with people, and tell them that that is in fact where my brains are.