August 6, 2007

My New Role at Chicago Underground Comedy: Producer!

Well, the big news can be officially broken now. For those of you outside of the Chicago comedy scene, there are two long-running alternative stand-up showcases in the city. One is called Chicago Underground Comedy. ("Alternative" means an artist-produced show, not Chicago's only "real" comedy club, the very old school "take your grandma" Zanies.)

ChUC, as it's often called, has been called "...the hippest stand-up showcase to emerge in years." (Chicago Magazine), "One of the hottest shows in town" (Chicago Tribune), "...High-integrity, Chicago style stand-up." "Don't Miss!" (TimeOut Chicago), and lots of other great stuff.

ChUC's founder, producer and stand-up Tony Sam, is moving to L.A. in November. Stepping in for him as producers, PR whizzes, and performers are a very good guy named Dan Telfer, and...Elizabeth McQuern! Ta da!

So, yeah, you might see a whole lot less blogging from me here in the near future, because I have a lot to learn in the next few weeks. I have a lot of people to talk to, lots of phone calls to make, and some small town shyness to finally stuff into a box and tape up airtight. In the meantime, some of my favorite clips of Tony. Check out the awesome ChUC animated logo at the beginning of the first one. I love it!

Tony Sam at ChUC, talkin' bout old souls and bike signals.

Tony Sam at Caroline's on Broadway in NYC.


Chancelucky said...

Congratulations Bella or is it Producer Bella?

It sounds very exciting.

Bella Rossa said...

Its "too big for her britches all of the sudden" Bella. :)

nora said...

Wheee! Hang on to those handlebars, chickie -- you're going to have a fabulous, wild ride.

Also hang on to that "too big for her britches" feeling -- you deserve it.

Dale said...

I can play the Matthew Broderick part if you're going to be all Nathan Lane-y in those big britches Bella. Just sayin'.

Collin said...

Congratulations! Sorry I haven't been around commenting lately. I tend to catch up on my blog reading at work during lunch or downtime, but about a month ago they blocked all company access to Blogger. Individual blogs will load eventually, but all elements hosted by Blogger itself are blocked.

I hope you have loads of fun! This should certainly spell the end of any lingering shyness.

Bella Rossa said...

Hey Collin! I tried to adjust my feed when I got your email but I had some issues with it. Hope you are still able to efficiently waste time with Blogger at work.

Thanks for the congrats. It is keeping me very busy and very nervous but things are going well. I'm having a lot of fun learning how to produce. And eventually I'll get my ass back on stage, as well.