September 19, 2007

Take That, Bullies!

Some utterly awesome high school kids fought back against bullying after a new freshman student wore a pink t-shirt to school, was called a "faggot" and was threatened with a beating.

The next day, two seniors, David Shepherd and Travis Price, bought a ton of pink t-shirts and arm bands, and 850 kids showed up wearing pink. The bullies wigged out, threw chairs, and got even more angry.

"Our intention was to stand up for this kid so he doesn’t get picked on," David explained.
"It’s my last year. I’ve stood around too long and I wanted to do something."

I love this story. I love these kids. What a couple of kick ass teenage boys.


cc said...

This story makes my day. Thank you.

Bella Rossa said...

Yeah, pretty great, huh? I was pretty touched.

Timothy Carter said...

That story not only made my day, it restored my faith in humanity. David Shepherd and Travis Price, I salute you both.

All too often, bullying is overlooked. Schools seem more concerned that the bullied kids will come to school one day with a gun, rather than doing anything to stop the bullies. Those two students took matters into their own hands in a brilliant way.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for posting this. You are, as always, awesome.

Bella Rossa said...

Absolutely, Timothy. I had what was probably a very average school experience with this sort of thing, and it was still pretty crummy. I don't know why, when we get to be adults, we forget how terrible some of this stuff can be. And no - YOU'RE awesome!!