November 20, 2007

Insomnia? Who, Me?

Goals for the next two and a half years:
(You know I mean it because I rarely use large font.)

Be a victim of Stendhal Syndrome. Expose myself to beauty, either through art or nature, that utterly overwhelms me.

More travel. Even if it's not far away, I want more frequent getaways, even for just brief weekends. And one big trip -- a swing through Europe. Lots of family and friends in various places there. This is entirely a reachable goal.

Clear away all debt. I have some professional traction and I'm making decent money now and this is totally feasible.

Grow my hair long again. I miss having a long swishy girly ponytail.

At least one big athletic challenge. I've done a few triathlons but never been much of a runner. Maybe a mega bike race or a longer triathlon where I accept that fact that I'll have to walk most of the run. Maybe I'll join a swim team (this time without burning myself out like I did as a kid). But I need to prove something to myself and I need a major physical challenge.

Take the comedy and creativity to the next level. Publish a book. Keep trying new things with comedy and writing. This week alone I made my stage debut and declared myself the mastermind behind Bella Rossa Productions (thanks, Hud), which produced its first "real" film project. Make some short films. Take a bigger leap with comedy and push myself into more new areas.

Move. I've been in Chicago for 2 1/2 years. Getting here was a big leap. I've made a lot of personal, professional, and creative progress, and I'm already getting itchy for a new challenge. The brainy part of my is drawn toward New York, where my brother may well be moving in the near future as well, although when this topic comes up in my dreams it's always about Los Angeles. I have friends in both places. We shall see. But the time will come.

As my friend Nellie Ann (by way of another friend) recently observed, "When you set your foot upon a path that is going to accelerate your growth, things align around you and happen very quickly." I'm on the right path. Things are snowballing. I'm moving ahead. Want to come with me?


Paintstain said...

Ve-e-ry know?

Grant Miller said...

Good luck. You'll be busy.

Nellie Ann said...

I'm coming!!!

Bella Rossa said...

What, Paintstain? You knew this was coming. I could only pull off this shy small town girl "schtick" (as you've called it) for so long without straining credibility.

Thanks, Grant.

Pack your stuff, Nellie Ann!!

Nellie Ann said...

stuff. is. packed. (literally)

Chancelucky said...

Move? It looks like you're getting settled in Chicago and just really starting to move forward with at least one of your dreams.

I'm just sort of surprised. Of course, if New York or LA calls....I'd certainly go.

Jerell said...

To quote a popular 1990's catchphrase, "You go girrrrl".
[snap fingers]

But seriously, travel to a country that doesn't hate Americans, like...uhhh...India or Tahiti.

Bella Rossa said...

Chance: well, we'll see. I'm not saying I have firm plans to move. It's just a part of the overall feeling of "onward and upward and bigger and better." To tell you the truth, at this point I'd just be thrilled to move out of my studio apartment and into something more comfortable. And I keep saying "I'm not moving to New York or LA until there's something firm and lined up to move there for," which is also true.

Jerell - thanks for the encouragement, but where have you been lately? You haven't blogged since October!

Bella Rossa said...

Oh, and Nellie = packed?