January 18, 2008

And They Call It Puppy Love...

I am embarrassed to admit I decided it was important to change my relationship status on Facebook. Is this the grown-up, internet version of the note-passing "if you like me, check the box" stuff?

Speaking of teenybopper note passing, here's an excerpt from a note Bryan intercepted between two of his eighth-grade students this week, which once again proves that abstinence education is ridiculous and should be taught by actual clowns:

"Shid I'm is too u not the only boy/man that want to f*ck me/eat my p*ssy

I do want to f*ck you but that eatin p*ssy part aint sounding to good.

Shid u don't got too, but let my check my schedual and I'll tell wat day I free

Stop fontin Im dead f*cking serious

Wat the F*ck I need to Front 4 I'm Serious and wen we F*ck who gonna bring the condom

me. you is frontin

Isn't that just adorable? And to think when I their age, I still felt twinges of good-girl Catholic guilt for just thinking about kissing boys.

Also this week, Bryan took a trash can to the head while two of his students assaulted each other in the classroom, and he also watched a student's mother punch the kid when the three met to discuss the boy's poor academic performance. I cannot say it enough: Bryan, and teachers like him, are amazing people with incredible patience and a superhuman work ethic, and they deserve a hell of a lot more support and compensation than they get.


K-Rock said...

:-) i remember the happy dance i did (in my chair at work) when i got the notification that R had requested a relationship status change on tha facebooks. and this after i had already changed my myspace status as a valentine's day present! oh, INTERWEB.

Bryan Bowden said...

So it's official, the whole internet now knows we pass notes in class.

Thanks for the compliments, but I'm not super human. Neither are any teachers. That's why we burn out in three years, leave the profession, and find work that leaves less bruises.

Paintstain said...

What do you have against the letter u ?

nora said...

Wow, I love it - not the notes from Bryan's class so much. I don't know whether this Boone County Catholic girl is more offended by the grammar or the content - but the other stuff.

And I agree, teachers should be treated like rock stars.

Nellie Ann said...

oh, those kids....they grow up so fast. It feels like just yesterday that they were a mere 14 years ol...wait. what? That WAS yesterday?! Jesus H! Why do these kdis know about sex?!?!

Bella Rossa said...

I know. It seems like childhood is getting more compressed all the time.

Nellie Ann said...

childhood? who said anything about childhood?? these kids know more about *naughty bits* than I do!!! But at least I can spell properly when I drop expletives in my notes (and boy, do I ever)...it's *shit*, kids. shit. pfffff