January 22, 2008

"Things Aren't What They Seemed" by Elizabeth McQuern

Click to listen:

Sometimes when I can't sleep, I make music to soothe myself. I have a lot of big, overwhelming things on my mind right now, and last night I grabbed my Mac and zoned out for awhile.

I pulled bits from a conversation Bryan and I had about music the day before and put it together in a loose but more complex structure than I've never attempted. I have no idea what sort of classification it would fall under: outsider music? Found music? Weird crap? I had actually forgotten that I'd made this until I opened up iTunes just now and found it at the top of my playlist.

I don't know what's up with me and music lately, except that I can't stop thinking about it and composing it, and I think all of these creative expressions are going to come together in one big project very soon. I'm at the muse's whim right now, and she knows it.


Bryan Bowden said...

glad my voice could be put to good use. Is that a cat meow I hear in there?

Bella Rossa said...

Yes, that's little Flora. She walked right up to me and meowed in my face, and it was too cute not to include.