September 18, 2008

Magazine Updates

The big Midwest Living article about Chicago comedy is on the newsstands (it's in the October issue), but I can't seem to find an online version of it yet, so I might post some scans of the article later.

Time Out Chicago linked to one of my recent Blewtenanny photo posts today, in anticipation of an upcoming article about the shuttering of the Bastion. They talked to me, Kristy, and Nate for the article.

Since I forgot they needed a picture, I ran out earlier today and snapped a bunch. It only took taking 600 to get 6 that I liked! (That's a terrible ratio.) Too bad I'm not a better planner - I have a flaky allergy nose, it was a flat hair day, and you can totally see the reflection of my hand holding the camera in front of my face in every picture where I'm wearing sunglasses. D'oh!

On a related note, Ryan Robinson, who does photography for TOC, has a really great blog about his work, check it out.


Mo said...

I LOVE that picture!!! that the crappy junk store on Clark in the background? You actually make it look sexy and chic. Huh. Amazing.

cameron said...

could you be a more important person? nope. several impending magazine articles proves it.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks, Mo! Yes, indeed, that's a scrappy junk store on Clark. Looks pretty urban and slick, huh?

I am doing my best, Cameroonie.