September 18, 2008

Cameron Esposito on

Our dear little Cameron Esposito is featured on today!

“I talk about my girlfriend, past relationships, and add a ton of non sequitur and weird little observations,” Esposito said. “I feel the same about my being a female comic in a male-dominated field … I can’t possibly divorce either of those qualities from my act, because they shape how I see the world.”

Previously she worked professionally in improv. Being able to quit her day job (which is the biggest accomplishment she says she’s had thus far) has allowed her to focus on her act full-time because, well, it’s a full-time job. When not performing, she’s hosting comedy gatherings at several other venues in the city and filming web shorts.

Go Cammy!


cammy said...

oh my goodness! you called me cammy! i am overjoyed, you little bug-a-boo!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I can never decide if I should call you Cammy or Cammie. Either way, smooches back to you.

Nellie Ann said...

Oh man, smooch party!

Smooches to both of you!! For no other reason than I think you're just neat.