September 22, 2017

Jenni Grover, the Chronic Babe! - Chicago Photographer and Filmmaker Elizabeth McQuern

This is a special post for my friend and frequent client Jenni Grover, the superpower behind ChronicBabe, a truly remarkable resource for women who "want to live a kick-ass life in spite of illness." I'm excited to say that after years of toil, Jenni will be publishing her first book in just a few days! If you or anyone you know is dealing with the pain (no pun intended) of any kind of chronic health issue, I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of her book - I've seen the love and care she's put into this book, and the talent she's enlisted to help with every little detail of this fantastic, multi-media project. (That group includes her awesome husband, Joe Germuska.) More about Jenni's book: ❤️