September 28, 2017

Natasha Samreny - Chicago Photographer and Filmmaker Elizabeth McQuern

Natasha Samreny's photoshoot with me awhile back is a perfect example of why working from home can make things even easier than if I were working alone in a big studio.
Natasha needed photos for comedy promotion (and took my black leather jacket suggestion, with great results!), and, though that day was the first time we'd met, we were friends by the time she left.
I always let people know before they come to my home studio for work that there's a pretty good chance my son, and either my husband or a babysitter will be there, too.
There's a funny pattern with my son - if men clients come over for photos, he gives them a little side-eye, isn't interested in talking to them, and usually sticks to my husband's side like velcro. But if a woman shows up at the front door, he is suddenly very interested in Mommy's creative process.
With this shoot, he comfortably sat on Daddy's lap on a living room chair, with a snack and beverage close at hand. We laughed at his obvious crush on her, and all of this made everyone relax - most importantly my subject, who walked away with the photos she wanted, and I even gave her a few extras for good luck.