January 12, 2006

And How Did You Find Me? Google Mysteries

I'd be very interested to learn more about how Google decides to rank the relevance of certain webpages in relation to phrase lookups. I'm getting a lot of interesting hits on my blog from people making very specific web searches.

It probably shouldn't bother me that, as of this moment, if you google the phrase "physically repulsive," the very first link that pops up is to me. Of every website in the known universe, and every blogger that now exists, *I* am the first place to go when you're looking for physical repulsion. Excuse me while I call my life coach for a little self-esteem reconstruction.

Also as of this morning, anyone looking for "Mariah Carey's breasts" will find a link to me on the first page of search results.

I also get a lot of people looking for stuff about fashion model Elyse Sewell, Burberry chief (and fellow Hoosier girl) Angela Ahrendts, and, of course, Eliza Dushku's Brazilian wax-revealing see-through dress.

Something I don't understand is how my modest blog gets put way above older, and presumably more popular sites and pages for references like "crisatunity." I made a silly post about this linguistic urban legend, and suddenly, on google, my post is listed #2, above the Simpsons archives and other things I looked up to fill out my writing with. How does that happen?

I'm also on the first page of google results for "cute weird animal," "a Night at the Roddenberry," and "Tesla's 150th birthday."

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