December 5, 2006

Dewey The Library Cat, and Reflections on Media

Via the AP, a cute story about an abandoned kitten that became a library cat, and passed away in the librarian's arms 19 years later. Very touching, especially to a library nerd like me. Then there's this:

"...TV crews came from as far away as Japan to do stories about him. Myron said she has found 222 'hits' for Dewey on the Internet search engine 'Google.'"

Why the quotes around internet terms like they're strange new language? Like we're talking about some alien being that breathes sulfur on Mars? Everybody Googles. It's a verb now. People know what a "hit" on a website is.

Even the stodgy old Pulitzer Prize rules allow use of more online material.

Who are we, Larry King? When he asked Roseanne if the internet is a viable political medium, he followed up by admitting that the internet is a totally foreign frontier to him. "The wife loves it. I wouldn’t love it. What do you punch little buttons and things?" Wait, he's a journalist? A news gatherer and explorer of ideas? Oh, my bad, no, he's Larry King. HUGE difference.

Come on, Earthlings. The internet is your friend. Shake its hand. Take it out for a cup of coffee. Give it a hug. It loves you, too.

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