December 22, 2006


Wow, even for someone whose approach to Christmas insanity is like that of a conscientious objector, I'm still getting bogged down in a lot of holiday logistical baloney. Just going home to Indiana for four days is proving quite a complex task. How's your holiday sidestepping going?

My Apiary editor/publisher Nate sent me the kickass Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set for Christmas. I'm in heaven!

Axl Rose grabbed old Indiana homeboy Izzy Stradlin and pulled him onstage at a recent Guns 'n' Roses concert in L.A. My mind was blown by the mention that Izzy actually retired from the band in 1991. Fifteen years? Is that long enough to wash the toxic influence of Axl Rose out of one's bloodstream? Also, have I ever mentioned that Izzy Stradlin's dad and my mom used to get in fights on the school bus as children? Yes, my angelic-looking little blonde Mama used to swing a lunchpail at Mr. Isbell, who was reportedly quite a little cuss, back in the day. Just a bit of gee-whiz for you there.

All my stand-up comedy friends are abuzz about Zach Galifianakis having been the surprise guest at a show at Weeds last Tuesday. Extra shows were added, and it sounds like there was an afterparty where tipsy worshippers said hello to one of our alt comedy idols. One of our Bastion correspondents even managed a 20 minute phone interview with ZG. I had a business meeting to attend Tuesday night, and I'm consoling myself with thoughts of the gratis cheeseburger and Coronas I enjoyed instead of brushing elbows with a comedy hero. Anyway, here's some Zach:


Mob said...

Congrats on the Sedaris set, I'm jealous.

Hope you had a nice holiday!

Coaster Punchman said...

That Sedaris box set should be all it takes to get you back into the holiday spirit. I would kill for that gift! Ok, maybe not that bad, but still.