December 18, 2006

It's A Blog World After All

Despite the fact that I am not a teenybopper looking for makeout partners, and through some strange agent of fate (let's call her K-Rock) I have been dragged into the world of MySpace. I can't believe it, either. I'm telling myself that I'm doing it for Chicago comedy, which makes it okay. Also, it is sort of nice to think I've gained 112 friends in the last two days, even though none of them really know who I am, outside of being the editor of the Bastion.

Gossip blogger, self-proclaimed gay activist (more like witch-hunting de-closeter) and all around annoying self-promoter Perez Hilton is being sued for several million dollars by photo agencies. Anyone else remember when he actually just blogged about celebrity gossip, and didn't insert himself into every story and plaster his own smug face all over every post? Things change so quickly in the blogosphere.

Speaking of grating public personalities named Hilton, Paris Hilton's publicist would like you to know that she has trouble keeping cupcakes out of her nose. That's the best explanation for white powder around the nostrils that I've ever heard!

Tucker Max has landed a sitcom deal based on his tales of jerkery. Bloggers around the world wrap scarves around their faces and claim to know nothing about HTML.

Oh, and I have a new motto that I'm living my life by now. Ready for it? It's brilliant: "Bring your own snacks." Literally and otherwise, I've found this to be the key to happiness. Be responsible for your own experience. Think ahead about what you're going to need in life to be happy and satiated. Don't waste money on flashy $6 Starbucks sandwiches when a little baggie of pistachios and dried cranberries and will do you even better. Bring your own snacks!


Pensketch said...

Heather is trying to talk me into starting a MySpace account. I still say it's the work of the debbil, and no good can come from it.

Coaster Punchman said...

I live by the "bring your own snacks" motto in all my, er, intimate relationships. Seems to work splendidly!