December 16, 2006

Swimming Nonparallels Talkin' Comedy

I have been cleared by my doctor to resume weight training and swimming. I thought I was going to have to wait another five weeks, so the "clear for launch" signal made me feel like I was let out of prison early. Of course, then, yesterday I went bananas, and I did a half hour of cardio warmup, a half hour of weight training, and then an hour of swimming. That means today I feel like my arms are made of lead, and I can feel every muscle in my body screaming "Bella! Stretch more before you do that stuff!" I also need to figure out some better strategies for keeping my hair from turning into straw and my skin from breaking out in itchy dry patches from all the chlorine. But it's great to feel strong again, and free to do whatever I want.

I'm sitting in my office using my teeth to slowly scrape all the candy sprinkles off chocolate nonpareils, or as I called them when I was little, "nonparallels." I have a terrible habit of wanting to eat only the tops of things, or the filling, or, as in this case, just the tiny white candy molecules affixed to the main section of the candy, also known as "chocolate." I regularly drive people, especially foodie types, crazy with my twitchy eating habits.

Hopefully this will be the last in this series of "look what others are writing about me" posts. I may have reached the critical mass of blog celebrity in Chicago. I'll have to move to New York or LA to gain more (questionable, and still geeky) fame.

Here is an interview with me conducted by Chicago comedian Mike Bridenstine, ringleader of those silly Blerds boys, who perform stand-up in Chicago and elsewhere, and produce some really great short comedy films. (This interview is part of his "Talkin' Comedy" series of interviews with Chicago comedy folks. It will soon be up on a proper site, but for now it's posted on his MySpace page.) Check out Blerds videos here, and, for dragon-chasing-its-own-tail meta screwiness, here's my interview with Mike a few weeks ago on the Bastion.


Coaster Punchman said...

So if I created a new candy with a nonpareil base and chocolate on the top, would you scrape the chocolate off the nonpareils and eat it?

I must say, my dear, that one was a first!

Enjoyed the interview!

Bella Rossa said...

I'm sure I would find some way to dentally deface this proposed new candy. I certainly wouldn't eat it straight up, because that would be weird. Thanks as always for reading, my dear CP!

idiotpajamas said...

Ahhh, Chocolate Nonpareils.
So, what do you do with the actual Chocolate, after you scrape the little white sprinkles off of it?

You won't drive me crazy doing that, if you just hand over the chocolate when you're done with it. Plying me with chocolate ensures that I can put up with pretty much anything that others might see as annoying.

Of course, there may be folks who see me begging for your "scraped" chocolate as crazy or annoying, but, as long as I get the chocolate, I don't care what they think, either!

Get my address from Mick, and send me the chocolate!

Bella Rossa said...

The thing is, the chocolates themselves (which are usually pretty waxy, low-quality chocolate) are very small, so by the time I'm done scraping off the nonpareils, they're all scraped and slobbery, and hardly worth eating. Maybe we could work out some kind of chocolate reclamation program or something. I hate to waste sweets like that.

idiotpajamas said...

if the chocolate is "waxy, low-quality" then the slobber would help them go down.

let's work on that reclamation program.

Me being an environmentalist (emphasis on "mental") we can add this to the whole "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" thing.