March 12, 2007

Ready For My Closeup? Yikes!

I just did an interview for a 411 article with New City Chicago, related to the eBay sale and comedy video, thanks to K-Rock's sterling PR skills. It will be in the print version of the paper on Wednesday.

Almost 300 people have looked at the video of me making a jolly fool of myself, and I've had eleven bids on the item so far.

All of the sudden I'm realizing the silly art and film project part of this is done, and when the auction is over, I really have to do stand-up. There's no going back now. Uh-oh. Is my stomach having a stress reaction, or is the world being pulled apart at the seams by some strange gravitational anomaly? No, no, it's not the planet. I'm just a little nervous. But it'll be cool.

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