October 31, 2007

Halloween Post #4

I'm beat. Work is going great.

Last night's Halloween show at Chicago Underground Comedy was AWESOME. And, Vocalo, the new offshoot of Chicago Public Radio, wants me to contribute content. Here's what I've done so far. It's a six minute audio clip about last night's show. It includes stage performances, interviews, that darned catchy jingle I wrote for ChUC, and it's a lot of fun. ChUC is taking over the radio, one joke at a time!

Click here to listen.


Chancelucky said...

I wish I weren't so far away. If I get to Chicago though, I'm checking this stuff out :}

Bella Rossa said...

You betta! I might even be able to get you on the list. I know people. ;)

Sure Fire said...

Bella Rossa,

What are your rates for comedy writing? I do a ventriloquist show, and need some comedy for one of my characters (a narcissistic monkey whose confidence far outweighs his talent). Would this be up your alley?

My e-mail is booking (at) comic.com

Bella Rossa said...

Dear Ventriloquist,

Narcissistic monkeys are my specialty, as it happens. If there's a chicken in the act, all the better.

Please contact me through the e-mail in my profile so we can pursue the stardom and riches that are surely ours.