October 20, 2007

iLife '08 Can Bite Me

The iLife '08 upgrade is getting my Irish up. And I'm not even all that Irish.

Here's my knee-jerk review of that of the '08 upgrade that I've experienced so far: Garage Band looks slightly different, and maybe has a few new loops in it. I will say right now, if the $500 weren't an obstacle, I'd get the Garage Band loop bonus package tomorrow, with thousands more loops, and I'd disappear in Garage Band like a lonely little turtle into a shimmering pond. None of you would see my face for weeks -- but then I'd emerge, beyond the pale (if I may) and perhaps a little lacking in muscle tone and social skills, but sharing of musical gifts so awesome, none of you would begrudge me a few missed pre-arranged social obligations.

iMovie, however, is like an entirely different program post-upgrade, and I don't actually know how to make a damn movie with it any more. I spent all day out on my bike getting footage for a new project, and hunched over my MacBook writing some new music, and iMovie with the '08 upgrade is severely hindering my creativity.

I seriously hate this right now. I just want to edit, in a way consistent with what the program was before, a quick little urban bioclip, and this upgrade is making every one of my instincts moot. What the hell? I can't speed up clips and boost the contrast? Please don't do all the thinking for me, program, I had this figured out before. CRAP!

I need an Apple tutor. I know this glorious little white machine can help me bring more beauty to the masses, but I need a few pointers between here and there.


Timothy Carter said...

Don't you just hate it when they change everything to make it better? And usually Apple products are so easy to operate. Some PC guy must be sneaking code in.

Bella Rossa said...

Totally, Timothy. I finally broke down and found a page that lets you download and re-install 6.0. I'm much happier now.