October 22, 2007

Orange You Glad You're a Dreamer?

The psychic dream run continues. Last night I dreamt I was finishing up a visit in Indiana with my parents, and trying to pack my cats into their carrier for the ride home to Chicago. I kept looking into various carriers that were all over the back yard and saying, "These aren't my cats! Whose are these? Mom, where are my cats?"

There were purple cats, and tie-dyed cats, and glittery cats, and one that was speaking French and smoking a cigarette. Carrier after carrier had some unlikely combination of real cats and fantasy cats. The last one I looked into had two baby orange and white kittens in it. They had milk on their mouths and some burrs stuck to their scruffs.

"Well, at least these look real," I said.

Mom walked over to me. "Oh, yeah, you should pay attention to those. I think they want to be yours."

So -- back to reality now -- about an hour ago I was walking from my brother's house to my house, talking on the phone to my mom, and a big orange and white cat came strolling up the middle of the sidewalk toward me. I immediately started giggling. Here's another one, I thought. (And yes, I also thought "I can't wait to blog about this," because I am a nerd.)

He was one of those awesome city cats who's very self-assured, striding down the sidewalk like a person. He walked right up to me and meowed a greeting, like someone saying "Hey, I was hoping I'd bump into you." I petted his head, and he jumped up for a little more affection, twirled around my legs long enough to leave three little black burrs on my pant leg, and trotted off.

This interrupted the conversation with my mom, who said "What's going on? What are you giggling about?"

"There's this cat...oh, I can't explain." I picked the burrs off my pants and looked back at the cat, who gave me a funny little glance over his shoulder and disappeared into some bushes.

Okay, universe, I'm listening. You've warmed me up. I'm paying attention. I know I'm a vessel, or a conduit, or whatever flaky metaphor you prefer. Now what?


Grant Miller said...

Did the cat speak to you?

hud_callahan said...

Ok. I have crazy odd vivid dreams. I remember most of them when I wake and can relay them like a movie to anyone who is listening (my dreams have a good sense of plot). When the dreams become psychic it is over the lamest things in the world like someone has different hair in my dream and then SHAZAAM they have that hair in real life. Lame. I want your psychic dreams.

Bella Rossa said...

Grant - it did. It said "Vous êtes une fille stupide et vos rêves ne signifient rien," and then it lit a clove cigarette.

Hud - I consider this kind of dream sort of lame, or at least, not as helpful as the crazy kind that seem to actually save my life. But I'm accepting it as a sort of "pay attention" sort of thing, so hey. Maybe if we pay better attention to the hair dreams, more significant stuff will start flowing our way.

Chancelucky said...

we have a cat that looks just like that. My daughter's been looking for another one. This is strange.

Bella Rossa said...

Does he roam as far east as Chicago?