February 18, 2008

Teaching Myself Animation, Ghetto-Style

Or should I just say DIY, and extra resourceful? Nellie and I did this last night in about ten minutes. I just wanted something clean and simple, colorful and cool-looking. I also like the bit of music, which I put together several weeks ago - it has that nice bit of upbeat cheer contrasted with weird jangly dissonance. I haven't settled on the final style or music, but I like what I've come up with so far.

(Edited to add newer, shorter version):


Dan Telfer said...

I think you should double the animation speed!


Unsolicted McGee.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

That is my instinct, too, Dan, I mean "Unsolicited McGee." But I'll have to futz with the music to make it fit. Stay tuned!

Dan Telfer said...

I'd just take one of the two upbeat 5 second loops of the music and pace the animation around it.

-Unsought McGillicutty