January 27, 2009

Kumail on Last Night's Colbert Report

Beginning at the 3-minute mark! Kumail in an orange jumpsuit, pretending to be Omar, AKA Homer, a recently-freed prisoner of Colbert's desk. Amazing. You'd think I'd get used to seeing familiar faces on TV, but it's still screamworthy every time.


Joe said...

You know that guy? Tell him my daughter thinks he's cute.

Unknown said...

Actually, he was pretending to be Stephen's Very Own Hostage.
Changes the bit a tad ;)

Quite surprising to see him on!

Timothy Carter said...

You mean Omar? Who was really Homer? That was a really funny bit! Tell him I wish him well now that he's finally been released, and to stick to his once-a-day waterboarding!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

You're right, John, I wrote that description before I really watched the clip. He was, indeed, Stephen's prisoner. Hilarious.

Good to see him branching out a bit and playing a "Greek." I will make sure he knows Bubs' daughter thinks he's cute, and Timothy reminds him to keep waterboarding himself.