February 3, 2009

Vote For My Niece Melissa's T-Shirt at Threadless!

Hey, remember my awesome (grownup) niece Melissa Tipton, my BFF and creative partner in crime? She who lit a fire under my scaredy comedy tush and inspired my stage fright auction, co-created the Terrible Music Project with me, and who designed several of my friends' websites?

Well, she has a t-shirt design in the running for print at Threadless, the super cool Chicago t-shirt-ery, and you can make me and her very happy by going to the Threadless website and voting for her carrot t-shirt, also known as "See no, hear no, eat no meat"!

If her t-shirt goes all the way with Threadless, she'll get a much-needed cash prize, with which she'll buy extravagant things like food and toothpaste. (Being a brilliant freelance web designer can mean a bit of scrimping sometimes.) So be a sweetie, and go vote for her!


Mo said...

Aww, thanks Auntie E :)

And wait, did you say toothpaste and food? OMG. Life of luxury, here I come!!

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Hey, that's a cool T. I've joined, I will vote once my account is activated.

I've actually been wondering what happened to Mo and her EcoMonster recently...

Elizabeth McQuern said...

YEAH! I just voted again, too.

Mo has been kicking the freelance market in the rear end lately.

Joe said...

Is that poor steak self-mutilating because the carrots are taunting him?

I will vote early and often.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Good question, Bub! Strangely, I do feel a little sorry for the steak. It's not his fault he's unsustainable.